1. can anyone suggest any foods to eat for people with IBS?
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  3. by   unknown99
    Do NOT eat things with seeds, nuts, fiber,gassy foods, etc... This can cause major GI problems and pain.
  4. by   cgbw
    I have a friend who has all s/s of this. We have not had our appt yet. But thank you for the information.
  5. by   dino56
    There are two subtypes of IBS. One is with constipation, the other with diarrhea. Fiber supplements are often suggested, but more recently, there are medications that a doctor can suggest for IBS with constipation. Remember, this is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that there are several other conditions that must be ruled out before one can be said to have IBS. Get your friend to a good GI doc and good luck to you both!

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