Has anyone heard of Fujinon equipment?

  1. The Endo unit I moonlight in is considering switching to fujinon equipment. They have olympus stuff now, but are fed up with them.

    Has anyone used it? Pros/Cons

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  3. by   LibraSun
    We have a magnifiying set up on loan from the company for a study one of our docs is doing. It has its good and bad side. Personally, I prefer the Olympus. I think and our tech agrees, that the Fujinon is more difficult to clean. However, I think that it is more compact than the Olympus.

    Another draw back may be that it is less common, and so product support may not be as good as the more available Olympus stuff.

    We haven't used the set up more than about 30 times though, but have no plans to purchase any.