Gluteraldehyde 2% use with Endoscopes??

  1. Dear fellow GI Nurses,

    In our Unit we have a few queries to clear out and would appreciate it if anyone can give us any first hand experience and information. If you use Gluteraldehyde 2% solution to sterilise your scopes we would like to know
    1. the immersion time you give to the scope in an automatic scope washer,
    2. for how long do you keep using the Gluteraldehyde 2% in the machine,
    3. the immersion time you give to a scope in an infective case and if the solution is still used after the case or thrown away

    The info you send me will help us to determine exactly what action to take and to build our own protocol and if you can give us any other email addresses or contacts who are more on the subject it would be greatly appreciated.

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