GI tech is so fun and perfect through nursing school!

  1. Alright, I am a CNA in ortho/oncology and I am also a year into nursing school. I worked as a floor tech/cna for a year and a half and I recently got hired as a GI/CS tech for the summer and per diem through the year! So far, it is so wonderful! I loooove it so much more than the floor I could scream! I want to be an OR nurse and this is such a perfect way to get into a consortium! Who knows, maybe I'll be a GI procedure nurse too!
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  3. by   hjc3405
    I worked as a GI tech during nursing school--it was wonderful! I was given the opportunity by my boss to help get pt. charts ready the day before and was able to get paperwork ready with pt. hx and current med use. This helped me soooo much in school!! The 4 docs and all the nurses I worked with were also really great in teaching me.