GI lab hours?

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    Hoping some one on here can help me answer this question. I am very interested in GI lab. I currently work on a surgical tele floor, and will have been there for 1 year in July. I am waiting for an opening in my hospital or somewhere else within our system for the GI lab. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone that works down there so I can't ask this question, but has anyone is GI lab (in hospital) ever worked 12 hour shifts? Meaning 12 hour shifts that are scheduled aside from call hours, which I know are a requirement. I am in a masters program so I cannot work 8 hours M-F as I'd have no time for clinic hours. I really want to work in GI lab because I would like to work with GI doc when I finish my NP. Just curious if anyone works in GI lab where they do 12 hour shifts?
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  3. by   kagarciaRN
    At my current workplace, we have nurses that work 8s, 10s, and 12s. We have 6 procedure rooms and generally do 60-75 procedures a day.