GI Clinic Interview Help Please!!!

  1. I have an interview with a hospital GI clinic next week. I have 1 year experience in an ICU through a nurse residency program, have ACLS, and a certification on moderate sedation. But, I've never actually performed any moderate sedation idependently (I always had my preceptor with me). I'm wondering what I can say to improve my chances of getting the job, or what they might ask for the job (what are they looking for in a new hire)? If you are a GI clinic nurse, does your facility give your new hires time to learn their procedures and all of the meds, etc. - or is it pretty much expected knowledge from the get go? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Georgia peach RN
    We give all new hires time to learn, patient saftey is high priority.

    Good Luck