correct method and administer of meds in GT

  1. I have not found this explained on previous posts.

    Patient has GT with 12 hr continous feeding fibersource and two 250cc bolus
    during other 12 hrs.
    Medications are crushed and administered via GT.
    There is no lopez value on this tubing.

    My technique : During feeding if meds are due, I stop feeding first, and disconnect feeding tube entirely flushing with 30cc water to clear line in the Gastric tube. I slowly push in crushed diluted meds directly into larger GT.
    then I restart feeding.

    Another nurse said I should just pause feed, use the feeding tube side port and administer medication directly into the feeding tube port ( this is the standard tubing attached to bag )which means 1)medication would be going directly into the fibersouce, and 2) feeding tube is smaller and more likely to clog?....then resume feeding after I have
    pushed meds into tubiing.
    I don't think this is right, but wonder your opinion
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