CNA in Gastroenterology

  1. I am currently training in a CNA program with goal of going to Nursing School in 2004. I was in pharmaceutical sales a few years back and sold some GI meds. I loved the folks I met with and got to see some endoscopies--very interesting. I am wondering if there are ever CNA positions in endoscopy labs. I'd like to get more experience in this area.
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  3. by   patsue53
    I work in a hospital based GI lab. We're a pretty large lab running 8 rooms. We use CNA's as transporters and scope cleaners. There's investigation now into training our CNA's to be Endo-techs. Currently we use a team of an RN and an LPN in each case. The LPN role would be performed by the endo-tech.

    It's an interesting field. Good luck!
  4. by   jburris
    We have 5 Endo Techs in our unit, 3 to assist the docs with procedures and 2 are scope processing technicians. I have worked with endo techs for the last 14 years and think they are valuable part of the team.