christmas tree

  1. This might be a dumb thing for me to ask, but I work in endo and Joint commission is telling us that the Christmas trees for oxygen are single use only. Have any of you been throwing them away in between patients? We have never done this, but we are going to start now to be compliant. What do yall do in your labs with the Christmas trees and extension tubing?
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    We send them to CS to be cleaned and re-use them. At least, I think we do. I'll check with RT, because they're the ones who stock our ICU with Christmas trees.
  4. by   nicolel1182
    You must have metal trees?
  5. by   abeddo
    We are going through this now (we have never thrown them away before). The manufacturer deems these as a "one time use only" product, therefore they must be tossed after each patient. I am looking into metal trees...