Brave Capsule??

  1. My husband just had an end. yesterday and not telling us they put this brave capsule in him. Now he is suppose to carry this electrical device with him and record his times of eating, sleeping and whenever he feels heartburn, chest pains- Well my husband is all man and what man really does this?? He doesn't have heartburn ever- He is having chest pains and they ruled out his heart- and the scope down his throat didn't show anything- so why did this Dr. do the brave capsule for? For the insurance money?? Is the brave capsule safe?? How new is this/? Any comments??? Just had to vent- Mad at Dr.- Mad at husband-
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  3. by   Jane Hartman
    The capsule is a BRAVO capsule, and the symptoms of non-cardiac chest pain are the reason that they put the acid recording capsule in him, to see how often the acid produced by the stomach Refluxes up into the esophagus. And YES there are lots of men that have this done. Did you get the results back yet? Did the M.D. put him on any meds? Hope to hear about it soon.
  4. by   littlebitark
    The test was not completed- my husband didn't do his part on the test-
    He doesn't think he has acid reflux-