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Future Nurse curious about informatics


Hello all! A little about me first: I'm going to graduating from an ADN program in the fall and will hopefully begin a BSN shortly after I pass my boards. Im doing a bit of a career change in that I have been working in IT for the last 8 years. One of the reasons I began a career in nursing is because of nursing informatics. I'm hoping I can get advice on what steps to take during my nursing career to get into nursing informatics, besides obtaining an MSN. Are certifications a better alternative? How many years should I stay at the bedside before I pursue informatics? What connections should I make at the hospital? Any advice and criticism is highly appreciated!


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Certifications are fine but can't replace (1) experience as an RN and (2) MSN with focus on NI. The question is - would you be happy with an entry level analyst position or do you aspire to be an informatics leader? Most NI leaders have years of clinical experience in addition to their informatics experience. Check out ania.org as an excellent resource