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Future new grad moving to Tulsa


Hi guys!

So I am currently a nursing student from Chicago that will hopefully be graduating Spring 2018. I recently got engaged and will be married after graduation and move to Tulsa. I plan to start an online BSN program Fall 2018 but want to work as a new RN at the same time.

Problem is I have no idea how the Tulsa new grad job market is like. I did some research on pay and it seems that new grads are looking at $25/hr? Does this sound about right? I don't know where to start in regards to learning more about job availability and what the different hospitals are like. For example, in Chicago, I know the job market and the reputation of certain hospitals (magnet status etc.)

I'm currently a PCT at a well-respected magnet hospital in Chicago and hate to leave :(

-Can anybody tell me about the job market for new grads in Tulsa?

-Does the pay sound about right?

-What are some of the better hospitals to work for in the Tulsa area (40 mile radius or so)

Any input helps!

The pay seems right. Best in the Tulsa Area are St. Francis, St. John's and Hillcrest.


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I started as a new grad in OKC in 2015 at about $22/hr, so that sounds right for 2017 in the Tulsa area. Good luck!