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Future LVN student

by acevedod16 acevedod16 (New) New

Has 2 years experience.

what LVN programs do you guys recommend in LA and surrounding cities?

Possibly try getting into a community college or rop. Downey rop, north orange county rop. Private schools have gotten really pricey over the past few years. I went to one of the cheaper schools in Anaheim Bethesda and it was pretty unorganized.


Has 2 years experience.

it's so hard to choose cause i work full time monday thru fridy\ay 8-4:30. i was considering downey but i can't cause of the schedule. are you working as a LVN now?

Yes I got a job right away. I was pretty lucky, I'm doing private duty nursing with an agency. If you work full time days it's gonna be hard to find a program around here that works with that. I know some private schools do have night and weekend classes.