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Further learning

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I have been a nurse for a few years now and have worked general medicine and currently am working on a medical/surgical unit. I don't dislike my job most times, but honestly the days are so busy that I mostly just complete tasks all day.

I would love to learn more about diseases and their pathophysiology, etc. Would a transfer to an ICU allow me to learn in detail these patients that I help care for on a daily basis? I'm sure that's probably an obvious question, but I want to make sure before I would transfer there as I am very interested in it but also scared/intimidated by the ICU. Also, are there any reference books that I could purchase that would break down different diseases and such to help me learn about them as well?

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Any nursing med surg book will have that info mine was by brunner and suddarth. Uptodate.com your company’s medical library will have a subscription to it ask for access it has everything you want to know on drugs and diseases etc. maybe see if you can shadow in ICU for a few hours

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