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Hey Ya'll, I love this site..

I have a chance to test back into the LPN program at a local college. I missed my Med. Surg. final by 1.24 points. That was heart wrenching. I have to test on fundamentals to re-enter. I sure would appreciate ant advice...

Thanks, vito68 :confused:

ps. great site brian

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starmickey03 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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I suggest you get an NCLEX review book. Maybe Saunders or Prentice Hall? As a matter of fact the Fundamentals Success book would be a good one to get to review. It gives an overview of all the subjects in Fundamentals and gives NCLEX type questions at the end of each review section. All of these books also come with CD's.

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vito68 specializes in Army Hospital and Combat Medic.

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Thanks starmickey03. I have a few books with cd's Evolve, Linton, and the Saunders book. I review a few hours everyday. Right now we're waiting on Earl to pass N.C. Thanks again:up:

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ggabri07 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Medicine, Psychiatric Crisis.

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When is your exam? What is your current study plan?

Here are some tips taken straight from my thread called: ATI BareNaked. Does any of this information look familiar to you?



Make sure that you are always studying and trying to understand the important concepts. It is not OK to just memorize the information. You need to know this information if you plan on passing any nursing examination. Study with a buddy, use study cards, have a nursing conversation with a friend....whatever you need to do to retain the information.

I was in nursing school with my best friend so we would literally question each other and break down the concepts. She would teach me and I would teach her. She would help me understand why I had a question wrong and I would do the same. THIS WAS A MAJOR HELP. I PASSED MANY EXAMS BY DOING THIS EXERCISE WITH HER. DURING THE EXAM I WOULD SEE A QUESTION AND IT WOULD BE SIMILAR TO WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT. :nurse:

You can pass all of your nursing exams with flying colors. You just need to have faith in yourself and always keep a positive attitude. Keep those negative thoughts out of your head. They are dangerous and will cause you to fail an exam. You can do it. I have faith in you and so you need to have faith in yourself as well.


Let's talk about the basic topics in Fundamentals: :confused: 10 Bare Naked facts about fundamentals:

1. You need to know how to use assistive devices (canes, walkers, and crutches) There is no way around this! For example: CANES ARE ALWAYS HELD ON THE STRONGER SIDE OF THE BODY.....NOT THE WEAKER SIDE.

2. You must know how to avoid PRESSUE ULCERS. Turn and re-position q 2 hours. Never pull a patient up in bed. Adequate nutrition and hydration is necessary.

3. Post opt care: Please understand that you need to encourage your patients to use that incentive spirometer q 1 to 2 hours. This is to avoid lung collapse/atelectasis

4. You need know to know the signs and symptoms of phlebitis and what to do to manage it.

5. Know how to put in eye drops!

6. Elderly and hearing....How should you talk to these patients


8. Blood pressure cuffs. If the cuffs are too big or too small you will get a false reading. E.g: If the cuff is too small then you will get a high reading. If the cuff is too large then you will get a high reading. BP cuffs must be around 80% of the patients arm.

9. Need to know presbyopia and myopia

10. Know your precautions! Airborne, Droplet, Contact, Standard. Know what conditions warrant what precaution. TB IS ALWAYS AIRBONE.

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS POST. Please feel free to comment. Have a wonderful day. :redbeathe

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