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Fundamentals HESI Preparation


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Hello! I am taking my Fundamentals HESI tomorrow and I need a 940 to pass the class because it is considered our final. I am running into trouble figuring out how to prepare. I know the information and I'm a good nurse, but I am a terrible test taker. I have been studying 24/7 for days, but I have taken practice tests and cant get higher than a 70%.

What are some resources that can help me study?

I have gone through all the practice tests on Evolve and every quizlet or review online is just the same questions and I now recognize the answers. I have done the practice exam from the red NCLEX-RN textbook and I tried going over the actual text, but it's all advanced concepts for classes I haven't taken yet.

Does anyone know what is helpful for just the fundamentals HESI or where I can find different practice tests?