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Fundal Height..Question


Can somebody explain to me something about the fundal height topic? specifically, the location of the fundus at a particular week of gestation

thank you!


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Usually after the first trimester, the uterus is palpable in the abdomen. Its height can be measured with a cm tape measure, from the top of symphysis pubis to the top of fundus. The fundal height corresponds well with weeks of gestation, especially between 20 & 31 weeks. For ex, 24cm would suggest 24weeks' gestation. (Old's clinical handbook on maternal/newborn nursing) It is great & concise for review. Hope this helped. All the best.

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In addition to Firori, the fundus actually descends last ~4 weeks due to lightening. Fundal height mimics gestation until about 36 weeks, then the last four weeks it lowers a few cm.