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I got on as an adjunct with an LVN program and I enjoy it. I was considering applying to the full time position they have available for the LVN program. I have a few questions....

1: what's a full time schedule/hours like? How flexible/firm is your schedule?

2: can you maintain PRN as a staff nurse? I make more money as a full time staff nurse than I would as an educator with an MSN :(

3. Being that im a BSN that would be educating LVN's...i would Have to go back for an mSN. Is it a bad idea to take a m-f job when I'd need to go back to school at some point? Obviously school would be more feasible working three days a week as a staff nurse.

Any input or opinions would be appreciated.

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I taught in an PN program while I completed my MSN. I still work in a PN program my schedule is pretty relaxed. I work Monday through Thursday with Friday as an optional half day.

As a new instructor you will be doing a lot of work at home. I have weekend and holidays off as well as whenever the students are off ( spring and winter breaks )

Yes, we all make more money working at the bedside. I work PRN at the local hospital ( only required 2 days/month) I work 3 or 4 days a month. It is very doable to work Monday thru Friday and go to school but I did take a 6 month LOA to read the whole darn med surg book :-)

now I have worked at programs with less flexibility where I taught all year round so I was always either in class or clinicals.

Don't forget about meetings and committe work.

Good luck.


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I have been teaching full time in an ADN program for the last year. The schedule is fantastic especially if you have kids. It is pretty flexible, my program considers 35 hours a full time work week. Wee team teach (there are 4 total instructors) so none of us have to teach 2 days in a row. My schedule in a typical week before clinical starts is 7:15-7:30-3:30-4pm Mon-Thurs. I usually take Fridays off. I finished my last semester of MSN while I worked full time. It was an online program through Fort Hays State so I could do my school work on my own schedule. I also still work prn at a local hospital as a forensic nurse.

The pay as a nurse educator is significantly lower than those who are in other positions (bed side, management, etc) however the flexible schedule, weekends, holidays, and summer off is worth it.

Good luck!

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I work Monday-Friday in an asn program. Monday through weds I'm there from 8:30-4:30, the other two days are clinical, so I'm there from 6:30-2:30. I work prn throughout the year, 1 weekend a month and more on holidays and during the summer. The possibility of school depends on you, your workload, and study habits. I worked as a clinical instructor 2 days a week and as a shift nurse 3 nights a week during my last year of msn. It was tough, but I managed my schedule so that I could get it done. I only took 2 classes at a time, online, which helped, and finished in 2.5 years.

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