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how's this for a full day of charting ..

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this was all charted at 1900 in one block ... by a RN .... yes it was midas

0800.. meds

0900 bath

1000 pain shot

1100 pains, hot

yes this is it.... wow all this time i have been charting every 2 hours and pain scale and everything... i could do it all in one shot ..... wow ... and that was the only entry for that pt

geees... whats wrong with this picture? anyone else ever see anything else charted weird? i'd love to hear some examples... haha

Arrived at LTC and looked at the last notes for the hospice patient I would be taking over from another hospice RN, this is what was charted for the last 3 hospice visits.




Edit: I should add patient was COPD/CHF hospice...


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I once saw charting that had no date/time/initials on absolutely anything. meds, interventions, nothing lol