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From Med-Surg to L&D, Help please!

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I am currently an RN-ADN on a Med-Surg floor and REALLY want to get into L&D. I'm wondering how all of you were lucky enough to get into it. I've only been a nurse for 6 months, but I want to start getting any certifications or classes done now that would help me get a job in L&D. Can anyone give some advice and links to certifications/classes that would give me a better chance of getting in? I would even be willing to relocate if there was a hospital that had some sort of internship for it...so desperate to get out of med-surg!

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rn2bein08 works as a OB RN.

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My advice is to talk with the L&D nurse manager at the facility you work in now. I work M/S and L&D in a rural hospital. I was lucky enough to get into OB (PP/NB) first, within 6 months of graduating and working the gen med floor. I think it's easiest to get in to OB at a facility that already knows your capabilities as a RN.

As far as certifications go: NRP, AWHOON and STABLE are the necessary ones in my area... anything lactation would be of huge importance as well (CLC, CLS, and eventually IBCLC)

Hope that helps! GOOD LUCK! :)

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