From general pediatrics to adult ICU


Hello all. I am a newish nurse, one year of experience on a general pediatric floor (8 months was on a surgical-trauma) and have always been interested in working critical care, I worked on a general icu as a pct in school and loved it! I have also learned this 1 year as a nurse, that I did not know nearly as much as a I thought I did, when I became an RN. I am interviewing at a level 1 hospital in Dallas and know that the recruiter will ask which icu specialty I want. Even though I am sure that working critical care is what I want for my future aspirations, I am scared to make the switch. I have never dealt with a lot of the disease processes that adults generally come with and will have to refresh big time! Do you think that I am setting myself up for failure by switching from gen peds to adult icu with only 1 year of experience and having never worked with adults as an RN?

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do you have an interest in picu or peds cvicu?