fresh grad with RN license ..where should i apply for jobs please HELP

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its been a while that i've applied for jobs but still no luck with landing a job, sometimes i just want to cry with frustration my mom is sick and we have to pay our debts because of me doing nursing there any fresh grad nursing jobs that i can apply for..thank you



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Do you use job website? I used and I was on their applying for jobs least 10 hours a day. Apply to every new grad position and residency. Hurry up and apply to residencies because their deadlines are around this time. Also if you live in state like CALI or AZ, you may consider to move if possible. Read the post "How I land my job" or something like that. Give you very good tip of searching for job. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Search this site.

Network with any personal contacts you can. (Where do people you went to school with work?)

Keep applying to each and every job. You can even walk your resume in and personally hand it to the manager.

Good luck, you will find something.