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Frequently applied medications

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by Mona77 Mona77 (Member)

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Hi to everyone,

what are the medications applied most often in the hospital setting

in Canada?

Want to find out differences between the medications used in

Germany and in Canada.

My aim is to explore on what type of medications I should be focused

when preparing for CRNE!

One major difference is that metamizole isn`t admitted in North America

because of the risk of agranulocytosis, but in german hospitals every third

pain medication order is metamizole!

Thank you for your help!

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I wouldn't sweat on it - there's not many med questions anyway!! It's all airy fairy psyche social!!!

That said most of the meds are the same. I came from the UK & haven't had anything that's been that different, when there has been I just look it up (I'm in surgical oncology so there were some chemo meds I didn't know but Google is great!!) The CRNE won't ask about obscure meds, so just make sure you know your general generics, as the brand names here are different.

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