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Frequency of codes in peds emergency?

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I need to sign up for my practicum by the end of the month and I’m mainly interested in peds emergency. I had a really great experience in my peds clinical when I floated to ER, but I recently thought about something. I don’t know if I would be able to keep my head cool if I had to code a kid because obviously it’s really f*d up if they don’t make it.

I’m an ER tech in an adult ER and I recently did my first compressions on a 77 year old. He didn’t make it but it was still an awesome experience... I doubt I’d be able to say that if it was a kid. 

I’m in a large city so I have the opportunity to sign up for a level 1 trauma peds ER or an ER at a smaller peds hospital. I essentially have three questions.

1) How often does a pt code in peds emergency?

2) How mentally tolling is it when that pt doesn’t make it after you’ve personally worked them?

3) Would it be a better idea for me to stay away from the trauma center if I’d like to see less patients code?

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