Free CNA programs in Missouri


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share some information I found while searching for CNA programs. John Knox Village in Lee's Summit currently has several positions open titled student nurse. This opportunity will allow you to train to become a CNA while getting paid. There is a classroom portion that lasts 10 weeks you are paid $10/hr while in the program and once you complete the training your pay is increased to $12.50/hr before shift differentials.

I also found a free CNA program that is located in Springfield,MO at CoxHealth the name of the program is CNA Sponsorship Program. The training is 6 weeks long and it pays for your tuition and books you are required to sign a 6 month commitment if you don't pass the course or do not work for the hospital for at least 6 months you are responsible for the cost of the program which is $1600.

I hope this information helps someone if you have any other questions let me know I'll do my best to answer them.