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Hey everyone! I'm a new graduate RN, and I just accepted a position at Frederick Memorial Hospital. I start orientation on January 7th. I was just wondering if there's anyone on here who's starting in that cohort too or has experience working at FMH. I'm completely new to this site, so hopefully I've posted this in the correct area. -Mike



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Congratulations Mike!

I'm still a student, but I've heard really good things about FMH and pray that I'll be typing something similar to you in the future. Glad to hear they are still hiring new grads. Best of luck! Sorry I wasn't much help.



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Hi Mike! I'm an RN at FMH! I have worked there for almost 6 yrs. I started as an RN in Feb 2012. The nurse residency program is good. A lot of useful information is passed around during the program each month. You will also have a nurse forum with is confidential, unless the residency directors feel a need to take action in which they will speak to you first. But most importantly during the forums the more experienced new nurses will give you helpful hints and let you know that it does get better! Your first year is tough period! Take all the educational opportunities you can! Good luck

Btw what floor are you going to work on?!


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How is the position at FMH going? I have an interview there Monday, getting nervous as I still haven't found a job as a new Grad!