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Frederick Community College MD

I will attending the evening/weekend program in January. Orientation is not until December, so I am hoping to chat with some future classmates. I can't wait to start!


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Hi Ladypie! I've been accepted into the spring 09 program @ FCC as well. I'm so excited! But the anticipation is killing me! Have you registered for the dosage class yet?

Anywho, good to see a future classmate on here! Take care :)

I am so glad I am not the only one from FCC that looks at allnurses!

I am going to self-study for the dosage class. I have already started studying for it with an older version of a book. My husband will be having to come home early once school really starts, so I thought I could try to study it on my own so he doesn't have to rearrange his schedule any earlier.

Yeah, I can't wait either!

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