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Found this link, check it out



I have not completely gone over all of the links, there are way too many, but hopefully someone will find it useful.


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In my opinion, it does not look like a site I would frequent. When you click on the forum link, nothing. The other links listed when clicked on just give a list full of other links to surf the web.

Maybe someone else will find it useful, but I really do not care for the site myself. Thank you though for posting the info


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I agree with the previous poster. Clicking on the LVN associations tab takes you to a list of links... several of which are for nurse anesthetists... which does not apply to LVNs except perhaps in the potential future career steps... and the fact that the link for the Califolpnia Association of Nurse Anesthetists contains a quite obvious typo leads me to believe this is not a reliable source of information. This alone killed any confidence I may have had in this site.:twocents: