Fostering as a nurse/student?

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Hello all!

I'm interested in becoming a foster parent and maybe adopting later. Not sure when but I know it's in my future. Just wondering if anyone here fosters as a nurse or as a nursing student and would like to share their experiences?

Thank you!! Really looking forward to hearing from anyone. 

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I applied to foster older teens in my city; and half way through the home study, was told by the local branch of the children's state agency, that as a single woman who works two nights a week I would not be allowed to foster.

Why?  I quote "you'd be asleep all the time, so you couldn't get them to therapy or (have time to) bond with them".  A social worker my chaplain daughter knows in another city absolutely blew up when she heard that, especially since I wanted those older, really hard to place teens, and wanted them to have a place to come back to forever, even after aging out.  

This after raising my 3 after their father died, including therapy, homeschooling, leader of all their Scout troops, band & music lessons, mult friends of my kids calling me "Mama __".  

Two of my children foster, and one has adopted two.  


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That's really unfortunate!! Two nights a week isn't that much. You'd think they would be over the moon to find someone who works part time and would foster the older kids when they're so hard to place. Plus if they're going to school during the day you'd probably be awake by the time they came home. But anyway thank you for sharing your experience. 


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I also hope to foster now that I'm done with my MSN! It may be a little while yet in case we decide to have a biological child first, but I'm at least starting to investigate what I need to do. I definitely couldn't have done it during school at any level - ASN or beyond - but I know my boyfriend, who is a foster care social worker, has several foster parents who work 12-hour shifts healthcare who do just fine. I don't have a ton of information, but as I learn more I will share on here.