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Fort hays state university


Anybody went through FHSU for RN to BSN? How did you find them. For those who were considering them but didn't go there, what did you consider. How long does it take start to finish with lets say minimum preliquisites? Any info would help. Thank you.

No responses? I've been looking for more current info. Did you enroll thee after all?

I did the paperwork and everything. Was supposed to start this semester but i couldn't. Will try to get in the forthcoming semester. Let me know how it goes with you. The process was quick and easy. I just had to send in my official previous transcripts.

Hi stepbystep12, Can you share your experience with doing online classes at FHSU. I am about to start my Ist semester at FHSU and is quite anxious about the whole process. How many credit hours did you take each sem? Any input about the classes will be highly appreciated. When do you graduate and are you happy with your decision to get your BSN at FHSU?