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Former Veeb students

Hello former and future Veeb students,

I'm starting the lpn program on Monday. Can you pleaseprovide tips or suggestions on how to successfully complete the program? Where arethe clinical sites? what did you do during clinical ? How did you study? How are the teachers? did you take out private student loans? This is a second career change for me and I cant affordto fail.

Thank you in advance

Late twenties student

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Please refer to the thread "VEEB 2018-2019" on this site. Be sure to start from page 1, as it may have already addressed some of your questions!

Veeb takes a lot of dedication-study, study your notes. Review all notes at the end of your day. It’s all about repetition. You WILL pass your NCLEX with your notes once you have an understanding of everything. Stay for tutoring if you are unfamiliar with a topic.


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