police experience?? What!

  1. So I answered an ad in the paper saying that a local county (not my own) needed SANE call out nurses and would train. Sounds like a neat gig, but when i spoke with the head of the dept, she told me that i needed to show some experience with some sort of police/legal background. What on earth does this mean?!! The only things i could come up with was a nurse with a background in legal nursing. I spoke with one of my buddies on the police dept in my town and he immediately told me to apply for a job as a "matron" in his dept, which is a female to "pat down" female arrestees. He said that would be police experience.
    Has anyone ever heard on this?! Was the lady from the SANE dept yanking my chain?? It all seems so odd to me...
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  3. by   daisey_may
    Sorry for asking, but could you clarify what the SANE dept. is for me?
  4. by   sirI
    Hello, firefightingRN,

    I suggest you call back that person and ask exactly what type of "legal" and/or "police" background she meant. That would ensure the correct response.