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  1. Been a nurse for 14 yrs and am looking at legal nursing and forensic....can you who are already forensic nurses and are working doing it please give me pros and cons of your career......thanks
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  3. by   sirI
    check out the stickies in this forum, nursemomceo. will answer many of your questions about forensic nursing.

    as an lnc, you are considered in the realm of forensics as well. not a true description as is the forensic nurse, but is under much the same category. there are many lnc's out there who are death investigators, legal nurse consultant investigators, etc.

    i did work with an me for a while and gained much information doing that. has helped me in my lnc career.

    here are the two main stickies in the forensic nursing forum and i'm sure others will come along and give more input:

    how do i become a forensic nurse/role of the forensic nurse
    forensic nursing - is it for you?