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  1. Hi all. So I am in the process of beginning a Masters degree program at University of Toledo, which is also where I work in a Surgical ICU (Univ. of Toledo Medical Center). My dilemma is that the program I am entering is an NP/CNS track, but my true interest is in forensics. At UT we have partial waiver of our fees (60%) for me, because I am part time. Grad school is very expensive and any amount of waiver helps. There is no forensic option at UT. I have been taking classes, training for the past 5-6 years but really have not gotten anywhere as far as employment in fornsic fields (specifically death investigation) I have completed SANE training, have D-ABMDI certification, and worked as an autopsy assistant for a year. Where I am struggling right now is, am I settling for the MSN and the financial benefits, or is it really worth it to take one of the MSN programs with forensic focus online? Any advice would be really appreciated. I have looked into Vanderbilt as well as Duquesne Universities for forensic degrees. Thanks for your help!!! Connie
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