is forensic nursing a master's degree course

  1. is forensic nursing a master's degree course? how do i get started?
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  3. by   sirI
    hello, jess1983 and welcome to

    so good to have you with us.

    there are programs that prepare the rn as a masters prepared forensic specialist. there are programs for the cns forensic specialist as well.

    but, most are post rn certificate programs.

    here are some links to help you:

    kaplan university forensic nursing certificate

    university california riverside - rn, lpn, paramedic

    international association of forensic nurses

    american college of forensic examiners
    sexual assault nurse examiner (sane) - sexual assault response team (sart)
    good luck. this is a very intriguing career choice.
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  4. by   luvleee

    there are a couple of schools in which you can pursue an advanced practicing degree in Forensic Nursing.

    it's something i am looking into.