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  1. I am a nursing studet at Barton College. I am writing a paper on forensic nursing. As a part of my paper I have to interview someone in that field. Is their anyone who would like to help me.

    ]1. How did you come to choose SANE as a profession?
    ]2. On average how many hours do you work a week?
    ]3. Would you mind telling me about how your career got you to this point?
    ]4. What are the duties/responsibilities as a SANE?
    ]5. What kind of problems do you deal with?
    ]6. What kind of decisions do you make?
    ]7. What advice do you have for someone who may be interested in this job?
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    I moved your post out of the Introductions forum to the Foresnics forum. Hopefully someone will read it and answer you. It's a slow moving board, so be patient.