Forensic Nursing (easiest path?)

  1. Hi all,
    After two decades of ER nursing, I need a change. I've read all the threads on Forensic nursing, however, most are a few years old (just wondering if the info is still valid).

    I am an RN (BSN) with 20 years of ER experience. What's the easiest way to becoming a forensic nurse? Do I need a Master Degree or will a certificate suffice?
    What are some good schools in S. FLA that offer theses courses?
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  3. by   calsmithlewis36
    I'm also interested and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has both undergraduate and graduate certificate. I think Drexel and Xavier University have the MSN program.
  4. by   sirI
    Hello ERNURSE47

    Check out these threads and you will find some of your questions addressed:

    How Do I Become a Forensic Nurse/Role of the Forensic Nurse - updated 5-8-16

    The Forensic Nurse - updated projected salary 5-13-16

    A Masters is not required. But, there are many who have Masters then go into Forensic Nursing and obtain a post-Masters certificate.

    Good luck with your plans.
  5. by   ERNURSE47
    Thank you