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  1. Hi all. Wondering if there are any forensic nurses out there. I've worked in hospitals for 40+ yrs and am sooooo tired of it. I investigated forensic nursing and found it so facinating. I wondered if anyone knew the job availability, and salaries. I'm 60 yo, but not ready to retire. I'm looking for something different, interesting, and want to make a difference. Thank you in advance for any comments/advice.
    Connie RNC pain resource nurse
    Neonatal Intensive Care
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    I think there's a subforum for forensic nurses here.
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    Worked as a county jail nurse for awhile. Had about 80 beds so I don't have much of a feel for a large operation. Did like it very much, though and never felt as if I was in any kind of danger. Most of the inmates seemed to like interacting w/someone that was not a peace officer. I learned a great deal about personality disorders, which was helpful when I became a psychiatric nurse. You just might like it.