Forensic Mental Health Units and Intellectual Disabilities

  1. Hello,

    I am a Forensic Mental Health nurse and over the past few years the number of patients with an Intellectual Disability admitted to our Secure Forensic Mental Health unit has steadily increased.

    This presents a whole range of challenges especially given most of us do not have adequate training in the area of Intellectual Disability.

    I am interested in learning about the experiences of Forensic Nurses around the world and how their service has dealt with this issue. I would also be interested in finding out where the first specialist Forensic Intellectual Disability units opened.

    In fact all info welcome.

    Thank you
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  3. by   FuturePsychNP
    What do you do as a forensic mental health nurse? Generally, correctional facilities don't like to house those with physical disabilities (first) and intellectual disabilities (second) so they get pawned off on healthcare. PM me if you like.