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  1. I am looking for guidance on the best pathway to become a forensic nurse. I've read articles but I'm a bit overwhelmed because it seems there are multiple pathways and I don't know what is best or most recommended. I am fully willing to go to a masters program if that is what is recommended, I am interested in graduate school.
    If it helps I am located in Texas (though this may not be my permanent home), 2.5 years of experience and certified in pediatrics. I don't have a background in ER and I've noticed in some areas that's recommended. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    I'm excited to see what people share because that's interested me for awhile. Most of the information I've gotten (back when I was a staff nurse and there was a talk on it) was doing rape kits etc and I wasn't into that back then and still am not, really. Maybe, since I wasn't interested in the forensic nursing, since I was a new nurse and knew I couldn't do it for awhile, I just didn't pay enough attention, but I want to know more now! xo
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