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  1. I've heard a little about Forensic Nursing and it seems very interesting. But I am a little confused about what it really is. Can anyone please explain to me what a forensic nurse really does and how SANE nursing comes into play?
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  3. by   BrnEyedGirl
    I am a SANE nurse. I work full time as an ER nurse and through my job I took a course and a certification exam to become a SANE nurse. As a SANE nurse my role is to collect evidence to be used by the prosecutor. This is explained to the patient at the time of the exam. I do have standing orders from the medical director to give prophylactic antibiotics for STD's and the morning after pill if the pt would like them. During the course we worked closely with the local law enforcement and prosecutors office. There is, as you can imagine, a lot of very detailed paper work that must be done properly in order to be admissible in court. There is also, as you can imagine, much time spent in court or with depositions. In my area we didn't have any SANE nurses until a few years ago when my hospital and another large hospital in the area collaborated to start a SANE program. Now we always have a SANE nurse on call, and the conviction rates have proven the value of the program.