1. Looking into FNDI certification through AIFE, and/or "registry certification" through ABMDI...

    I'm really curious how to navigate the process of becoming a death investigator... I've been interested in this field for a little while, and in just the two years I've been digging around, the field seems to be growing significantly.

    I'm curious how the chips fall in terms of ranking competencies/credentials/skill sets.

    -medicolegal death investigator
    -forensic death investigator
    -forensic examiner
    -forensic nurse
    -nurse coroner
    -nurse examiner

    These are all roles that seem to either be synonymous or overlap in some way. In my findings, I also can't seem to find a hard and fast program of study - most programs only offer some form of a graduate certificate instead of a degree, or the program web pages are currently defunct.

    AIFE (through recommendation of AFN {or}), and ABMDI both appear to be legitimate resources, but I want to be sure before I bite the bullet with either of these organizations.

    I would love to hear some feedback on this. Thanks for your time, it is much appreciated.
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