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Foreign-educated nurse with NY license and would like to apply for CT license

Has 1 years experience.

Hello everyone!

I got my NY state RN license last year and as many of you have already known, NY state asked only CVS not CGFNS exam. This year I might need to start working in Connecticut (CT). And I know I can licensure by endorsement but one problem appears. CT state BON asks for CGFNS certification and I just wonder what kind of CGFNS certification it means... May I just submit the CES (Credentials Evaluation Service) or do they mean CGFNS exam (CGFNS Certification Program)?

It would be great if anyone can share their similar experiences! Much appreciated!!!

CGFNS certificate program generally. Please double check with the Department of Public health on that though, my info is several years old. However, you should be able to get a temporary permit to practice for 90 days while your application for licensure is pending based on your NY state license provided it is in good standing.

I worked for DPH for nearly 10 years in nurse licensing in CT. We tend to be a strict state but once the application is complete the process moves rather quickly. Good luck!


Has 1 years experience.

Thank you so much for your answer! Will start preparing all the documents and the exam, too...


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