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For-Profit Universities Need Advice

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So I need any advice from any alumni's that have graduated from a 'for- profit' private university. I am starting to lose confidence in my ability to becoming a nurse. It just seems impossible to go through the intense program at Chamberlain. I know all nursing schools are hard, but I feel like for-profit universities are able to do shady/ unprofessional stuff b/c they don't have as much gov regulation as public/non-profit schools. Some examples are teachers being catty to student, VA payment mishandling, the academic advisors misadvising so you have to take extra classes, ect. I am only in my 9/18 sessions (1/2 way done- Wahoo!). I wanted to know if anyone else had these feelings about these types of schools and have been able to graduate. I already took pharmacology, Pathophysiology, fundamentals 1 and passed them all (barely), but I'm deathly afraid of Funds II, Adult Health 1 &2. appreciate all and any advice! Thank you

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