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For New Lawrence Memorial/Regis College of Nursing students January 2010


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Hi Everyone,

I am starting a blog for new student nurses accepted for the January 2010 semester at Lawrence Memeorial/Regis College of Nursing Evening weekend division. I would like to get to know and meet everyone before the time comes and discuss questions, concerns or anything else pertaining to Nursing school,since will will be together for the next two years. I am starting in the fall but have to take Microbiology before I start Nu101 in January. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Has 10 years experience.

we are also on facebook!

I was just accepted to the Lawrence Memorial Regis College for the fall of 2010! I start taking my general education in the fall and was just wondering who i would be in classes with? And what i can expect? Any information will be helpful!

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