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For Korean War nurse, holiday stirs memories


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ida haegele listens to the news from iraq and remembers the faces of wounded soldiers in korea.

"when they tell how many are killed or hurt, i pray that we just get that over with," said the former army nurse. "i pray that we don't lose any more boys."

"it's a different war, but it's the same for the wounded," she said.

field medics still patch torn bodies the best they can, and nurses in field hospitals still race against time and blood loss and infection to keep them alive.

haegele, 82, of covington, won a bronze star for her battlefront service during the first months of the korean war. memorial day, to her, is a sacred holiday.

"it's a time to remember what the boys have done for us," she said.

in a way, the holiday is a day of thanksgiving. that's why haegele, as a young nurse at st. elizabeth hospital in covington, enlisted in the army in 1945.

full story: for korean war nurse, holiday stirs memories [kentucky post,ky]

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