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For those interested in moving to Alberta...

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Today the Edmonton Sun ran an article warning all would-be new Albertans to ensure they have both a job and a place to live BEFORE they embark on their move to Alberta.


The truth is, if you don't already have a firm offer of employment and a home to go to, you might find yourself living in a tent or worse. The housing market is so tight that many migrants have work but nowhere to live. This is especially true in places like Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Cold Lake. While there are a reasonable number of homes for sale in the larger cities, the prices have skyrocketed in the last two years and are now out of reach of many newcomers. According to the Edmonton Real Estate Board, the average price for a single-family dwelling in March 2007 was $398,476 (March 2005 = $216,187); condos averaged $246,719 ($133,784)and duplexes $323,322 ($182,100). Rental vacancies are virtually non-existent. Fort McMurray in particular is having a problem with rentals following a huge fire that destroyed 94 apartments in April, leaving more than 300 people homeless in an already saturated rental market. This is not the climate for homelessness... Calgary had 8 inches of snow last Thursday. So if you're planning to make your way out here, be aware that it's really not the land of milk and honey, and you need to do your homework!

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this is true. Can't tell you the amount of people who have moved to Calgary or Ft. McMurray who have returned because they couldn't find a decent place to live. There are jobs of plenty, but unfortunately the cost of living situation is rather grim, as is the availability of housing.

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