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For anyone who failed out of nursing school

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I wanted to get on here and reply to my last post for anyone who is in the same shoes as I was this time last year.

I submitted a letter of appeal and was given another chance to retake the two classes I failed with .4. I was in such disbelief, happy, and scared all at once. All summer last year I was depressed and broken because of school and feeling like I wasn't smart enough to become a nurse. However, I was wrong! 

I am smart enough to become whatever it is that I want to be in this life and so are you. our grades do not define us. 

Today is 07/03/19 and I am 10 months away from graduation I am in my third semester in nursing school and I have not gotten anything lower than an 85 in any exams and although an 85 is not a perfect grade, it is a perfect grade for me and it makes me sooo proud. Failing out taught me valuable lessons. It showed me how much more I wanted to become a nurse. it gave me passion, it gave me drive.

Today I am the President of the Student Nurse Association (SNA). That girl that once felt like she wasn't good enough to be a nurse because she failed two classes by .4. I look at myself today and I feel so proud of the girl that is looking back at me. May 2020 I will officially graduate with my BSN.

My suggestion to you is DO NOT GIVE UP!! do not let one, two, three, four bad grades cloud your vision on who and what you want to be in this world. 

Set goals for yourself and tackle them one by one. The best thing that I did different from my first semester in nursing school was I changed the people I hung out with. I found a group of friends who I call family. I learn from them everyday, they are soo brilliant and kind. I never want to be the smartest person in my group so I associate myself with intelligent people. I was having lunch with my friends from my mental health class and they said "Klori we learn so much from you when we study" and that brought me to tears because I never saw myself as someone who would have it in me to ever teach someone anything and having them say that to me made me feel happiness in every form. 

So please!! do not give up! 

I say this with all the love in my heart, I believe in you and you got this! 

- Klori 

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People need to hear that...we all need encouragement. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to share. Best wishes!!

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