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For anyone in A&P I or II


This is the site that I used allot during A&P I and II. It has interactive tests, flashcards and the chapter outlines were very useful!! Got a B in both classes.


Hope it helps someone else not go crazy!!!:D

Forgot to tell you that you need to click on the "online learning center" icon. Oops:rolleyes: !


Specializes in Perinatal/neonatal.

Thanks for the info.!

Thank you! I've just started A&P I and as a type-A personality, anything less than an A is something I prefer not to think about. There are many pre-nursing students in my class and as much as you want to wish everyone well, there is a competitiveness because you want to be the one chosen for the ADN program and the other pre-nursing students are in essence your competitors.

I'm sure that this site will be well used by myself.


Noticed a thread with questions about A&P sites and thought I'd bring this up. Hope this helps!!

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