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Following up after an interview


I had an interview for my dream nursing position in one of our local hospitals. My interview was July 12 and I thought is went pretty well. The unit manager who I interviewed with told me to expect a call the following week regarding the position I interviewed for. Last week came and I didn't hear anything so I called that week to the HR office. I didn't receive a call back last week or this week so I called again today. I am concerned I am being to pushy but I also do not want to not be pushy enough I want them to know I want this position and am serious about it. Any advise on when to call and when not to call for following up after the interview. Should I email too? And should I email the unit manager or HR? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

I have the same question. It's been just over a week since my second interview and I am getting antsy! Not sure whether to call or not.